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SRUGO's RB MIXERS can be utilized for blending dry material, powdery granular, short fibered, moist solids and liquids together with pasty substances up to and including highly viscous masses. The SRUGO RB MIXER can be used for numerous processers, including compounding, fine mixing, dispersing, suspending, emulsifying, deaerating, tempering, accelerating chemical or physical reactions, granulating, breaking down agglomerates, etc. The SRUGO RB MIXER can handle nearly all types of materials and is particularly suited for such difficult processes as mixing trace elements in proportions of 1 in 100,000 to 1 in 1,000,000 parts. Standard sizes of the SRUGO RB MIXER range from 5 to 5000 liters with larger sizes available upon request.
RB 1000

The SRUGO RB MIXER consists of several elements: a centrally mounted horizontal shaft that rotates within a cylindrical container, paddles, ploughs or other shaped mixing elements that are attached to the centrally mounted shaft, special openings at the top for feeding materials, flush fitting access doors at the front of the mixer, a flush fitting discharge valve at the bottom of the mixer, which is pneumaticly or manually operated, inside a cylindrical conduit and a complete drive unit.

The mixing container is filled to 70% capacity, allowing space for individual particles to be dispersed within the main area of the mixer. The mixing elements create intense axial and radial movement causing the product to move throughout the mixing space. The shape and angle, together with the adjustment and rotation of the mixing elements and drum wall, cause the product to be lifted off the surface of the drum wall. The product is automatically discharged while the machine is running so that any separation is prevented.
The installation of SRUGO's MultiChopper Unit in the basic RB series mixer, enables the breaking down of agglomerates during the mixing process. Together with the mixing arms, the SRUGO MultiChopper Unit removes lumps in the initial product, chops pasty adhesives and hinders the formation of agglomeration during the moisturizing of powdered substances. The SRUGO MultiChopper Unit can be operated independently of the main motor.
Multichopper Unit
RBJ 500

RB Plowshare Interior with paddle
In order to meet special needs, SRUGO customizes accessories such as: different mixing elements, double-jacketed container for tempering, special spraying unit for coating, vacuum-positive pressure execution, SRUGO MultiChopper Unit, discharging valve, explosive-proof construction, control board, etc. All of the above and more can be supplied upon request.

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