Srugo Production Lines
Recently SRUGO has made connections with different companies that have technical knowledge in different industries. Together we have developed a number of production lines that are in demand in eastern Europe and in developing countries. The concepts that have guided us in developing these production lines have been:

Mayonnaise,ketchup and other sauces
Production line for
mayonnaise,ketchup and other sauces
Food Powder
Production line
Production line
tomato concentrate,juice,jams,etc. production line
Production line for tomato
concentrate, juice, jams,etc.
soft drink and syrup production line
Production line for soft drinks
and syrups,etc.
food powder
Production line for
food powders
  1. Price: low budget, not more than US $200,000.-
  2. Operation: As simple as it can be
  3. The availability in the domestic market of raw materials and packing materials that are necessary for the products manufactured by our production lines.
  4. The quality of the final products will meet all European standards while being affordable enough to compete with locally made products.
  5. Return of the initial investment will not take more than 3-6 months.
  6. Adaptability of production lines: The production lines are designed to be as universal as possible. In addition to the original product, other products can be manufactured from the same line.
SRUGO has established a customer service division that addresses the specific needs of our customers in regard to the points outlined above. SRUGO gives special attention to assisting with the formulation of the product, the packing material, the adjustment of the equipment and of course any other customer requests.
Mayonnaise and Ketchup
Production line

The available SRUGO STANDARD

Other custom designed lines are available.
All lines are available in different capacities.

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