Duplanet Planetary Mixers Chemicals Paints and Dyes Adhesives and Plastics Foods

Duplanet Planetary Kneader Mixer DPMVD 200 RANGE OF APPLICATIONS
The SRUGO DUPLANET PLANETARY KNEADER-MIXERS may be used to mix, knead, stir and deaerate all media, including highly viscous pastes. They may also be used to granulate wet powders. Industrial pastes produces by the SRUGO DUPLANET PLANETARY KNEADER-MIXERS include concentrated paints and varnishes, printing inks, fillers, silicone and thiocole pastes, plastisoles, plastic coatings, synthetic lubricating greases and many other materials.

Close up of wane shaped tools and Dissolver METHOD OF OPERATION AND DESIGN FEATURES
In the mixing process, two vertically mounted mixing tools rotate around a common sun gear. In addition, they rotate at a higher speed around their own axes, according to the planetary principle. A swinging type scraper contiunually sweeps the inside wall, transporting material from the walls of the vessel to the mixing tools.
Planetary mixing animation The standard wane-shaped mixing tools are designed to overlap, and so create strong axial and radial motions in the mix-product, as well as a highly intensive shearing and dispersing effect. Within a short time, the material is thoroughly mixed and even very difficult formulas may be obtained. A quick vessel locking device connects the mixing vessel to the mixer. Because the vessel is mounted on fixed and swivel wheels, it is very easy to transport. The standard version of the SRUGO DUPLANET MIXERS features dual mixing tools shafts running in heavy duty ball bearings. Both mixing tools and scrapers can be supplied with a special bayonet locking system for easy dissasembly. The upper head of the machine is lifted by manual, mechanical or hydraulic elevating systems, depending on the size of the machine.
Electrical,TEFC one speed motors are the standard drive units supplied with SRUGO DUPLANET MIXERS. Ex-proof design motors and gearswitches are also available. Among the many options available for special applications are: infinity variable speeds, two speed drives and hydraulic drive units.

SRUGOdesigns its DUPLANET PLANETARY KNEADER-MIXERS according to the special requirements and applications of the customer. Some modifications include: Standard sizes of SRUGO DUPLANETARY Kneader Mixers range from 6 to 1000 liters with larger units available.

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