Dissolver High Shear Mixers Paints and Dyes Adhesives and Plastics Foods

SRUGO's HIGH-SHEAR DISSOLVER MIXER is ideally designed to meet the demands of a broad spectrum of industrial applications. The SRUGO DISSOLVER's ease of operation and high efficiency reduce cost and operation time. SRUGO DISSOLVERS have proven themselves by providing the most economical solutions to a variety of dispersing problems.

The SRUGO DISSOLVERS applications include, but are not limited to: Dispersing, suspending, emulsifying, dissolving, homogenizing, mixing and breaking down agglomerates of high viscous materials (up to 300,000 CPS).
Dissolver DMK75 with 75 HP main motor
Vac-ssolver DMK150 Paints, varnishes and printing inks: Preparing paint batches, carbon paper paint, artist's paints, priming and rust removing paints, fillers, dispersion and coating paints, varnish pastes, printing inks, resin solutions, textile printing inks, etc.
Plastics: Preparing all types of PVC, PU pastes, color concentrates and plastic putties.
Adhesives: Preparing rubber, neophrene, resin and other types of adhesives.
Chemicals: Preparing filler dispersions, coating materials, insulation materials, bitumen based sealing materials, greases and lubricants.
The standard sizes of SRUGO DISSOLVER Mixers range from 1 to 150 HP.
SRUGO's VACUUM VAC-SSOLVER mixer produces an intense motion which rapidly removes air or gases from the product. The built-in vacuum cover lifting device enables you to adjust the VAC-SSOLVER disc height without breaking the vacuum.
The SRUGO TWIN-SHAFT DU-SSOLVER mixer's exclusive combination of a slow running element with a high speed DISSOLVER mixer enables you to produce batches of excellent quality and uniformity, which are twice as large as those produced in a conventional system. This mixer can handle high viscosity products (up to 600,000 CPS) or large quantities of solids.
A vacuum version of the DU-SSOLVER is also available as well as different types of slow running elements.
SRUGO's WALL-MOUNTED DISSOLVER mixer is a practical and economical way to produce small and medium sized batches. A counterweight helps elevate the mixer, which can then be locked in any desired position. As an option, the elevating system can be manually, electro-mechanically or hydraulically controlled. SRUGO LABORATORY-SIZE DISSOLVERS are used for R&D purposes by performing each of the previously mentioned functions.
Twin Shaft Du-ssolver Laboratory Size Dissolver Wall Mounted Dissolver

SRUGO can customize accessories to meet your specific needs. For example:
  • A swivelling head which can serve several stationary drums
  • A quick locking vacuum cover which allows easy dismantling
  • An adjustable safety cover which protects against splashing and dust
  • An impeller system with a static toothed ring for very high shearing forces
  • Mixing drums
  • Double-jacketed mixing drums
  • Individually driven scrapers
3000 liter processing vessel
The SRUGO fixed version DISSOLVER Mixer can be installed in processing vessels of different mixer combinations for different processes.

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