SRUGO Company Backround
SRUGO MACHINES ENGINEERING is a dynamic company that offers the best quality in industrial mixers and general processing equipment for the right price and the shortest delivery times found anywhere.

1960's reactor
One of the first
SRUGO reactors
produced in
Argentina in 1960.

SRUGO MACHINES ENGINEERING was established in 1954 in Argentina by the late industrialist, Jakob Srugo. In 1965 the company moved to Israel and operated from Bat-Yam. In 1977 SRUGO moved to Netivot and since then has been operating a modern plant with an adaptable production line to provide an efficient solution for each customer's requirements. SRUGO has been exporting its products since 1990 to Western Europe, United States, Australia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and several developing countries.

SRUGO MACHINES ENGINEERING is a leading manufacturer of equipment which includes mixers, dispersers, kneaders, dryers, filters and agitators.

1st Multimix mixer
The first universal SRUGO
MULTIMIX Mixer, made
at the end of the 60's
for the cosmetics industry.

SRUGO's customers profit in a number of ways:

SRUGO processes and machinery that have proven their worth in one industry are likely to be to be of similar value in another.

SRUGO equipment saves expensive downtime and unplanned maintenance.

Time and start-up costs are significantly reduced.

SRUGO assures the complete suitability of their equipment to the customer's needs.

SRUGO markets its products domestically directly from the factory to the end-user and uses independent sales agents in order to optimize the export marketing of its " tailor-made " products.
 1970's custom made mixer
.Special custom made
SRUGO Mixer dating
from the 70's.

1970's Ribbon mixer
Special custom made
for upside down installation,
dating from the early 70's.
SRUGO is now represented worldwide by UPE.
UPEquipment, Tel: (609) 443 4545, Fax: (609) 259 0644, Email: or
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1970's hi-speed disperser mixer
One of the first
SRUGO high speed
disperser mixers, dating
from the early 70's.
In addition, SRUGO cooperates with established agents in:
  • Australia: Mr. Arthur Lowenstein, Ernest Feming Pty Ltd.,
    Tel: (02) 9748 0421, Fax: (02) 9648 5441, E-Mail:
  • Belgium: Mr. Rudy Huge, Mervers Mixing Technology,
    Tel: (03) 233 9649, Fax: (03) 232 9501, E-Mail:
  • Brazil: Mr. Tomas Erdelyi, Ertec Technologia S/C Ltda,
    Tel: (011) 247 2027, Fax: (011) 247 5310, E-Mail:
  • France:Mr. Herve Heller, STEIBLE S.A.
    Tel: (03) 89 65 91 70 Fax: (03) 89 44 60 48 E-Mail:
  • Holland:Mr. Gerard van Maanen, Mervers Mixing Technology,
    Tel: (010) 461 05 55, Fax: (010) 461 05 77, E-Mail:
  • New Zealand: Mr. Richard Tohill, Western Engineering Group,
    Tel: (09) 828 3706, Fax (09) 828 5964, E-Mail:
  • South Africa: Mr. Brian Harrison,Interfab (pty) Ltd,
    Tel: (011) 477 1060 / 1 / 2 / 3, 477 9314 / 5 / 6. Fax: (011) 477 5124. E-mail:
  • U.K.: Mr. David Cook,Pro-Tech Equipment,
    Tel: (01782) 273 841, Fax: (01782) 289 653
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SRUGO's first catalogues.

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